What Kind of Geek Are You?

I am a geek and proud of it. I most definitely have my nerdy moments and I am sure some of you do as well. The question is do you have enough nerd moments to be a geek and if so what kind of geek are you?

The Evolution of the Geek

by Column Five Media.
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By the way I am a 100%, no doubt about it, film geek!



I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter

I love butter! On toast, rice, cooked vegetables, muffins, bread, basically almost anything. I inherited this love of butter from my mother and she from her mother. Of course while I will attempt to put butter on most things I am not as far gone as my mother who would eat cold butter with a spoon. There are many people that would say butter is bad for you, however, this is not entirely true. Butter is not bad for you if appropriate amounts are consumed. Butter is a saturated fat and our bodies need saturated fats. Butter is not bad, it is not the demon that it has been portrayed as in these past years. So don’t feel bad when you put butter on something, just remember that your body needs those saturated fats to help keep your bones strong as well as other added health benefits. (benefits to saturated fats)
However if you wish to have a healthier diet without butter than that is ok too, just replace the butter. You need to remember though to replace it with the right alternative. Replacing butter with margarine is not the way to go. As it has been advertised in our society one of the best things to replace butter with is margarine. This is beginning to change as margarine is not a healthy alternative to butter. Margarine is full of trans fats and is lacking in saturated fats. Trans fats bad, saturated fats good. So keep the butter and through out the margarine.
Now if you still are looking for an alternative to butter you could try coconut oil. Coconut oil is almost pure saturated fat, which if you recall is the good fat. The taste and texture are somewhat different, however, they do behave similarly. When cold both butter and coconut oil are solid, when at room temperature both are soft, and when heated both become liquid. Coconut works with everything just as butter would. So next time your doing some cooking or baking hold off on the butter and try coconut oil for a healthy change.


Like Strawberries

Today at work, I am an ECE in a preschool classroom, a child told me that I smell nice. I said thank you and was thinking isn’t she sweet. Then she replied with “you smell like strawberries”. I thought smelling nice was a great compliment but now I smell like strawberries. I am now trying to figure out how she was smelling strawberries. I don’t wear perfume and cannot think of any reason as to why I would smell like strawberries. Our senses are incredible things. Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch are used daily but are often not appreciated as they should. One sense I have always found amazing was smell. Our ability to recall memories just from the scent of something. Smell is a powerful memory trigger and can evoke intense and vivid memories. When we smell something it can often help us recall a memory involving that same smell. Perhaps it works when we are in a similar situation or are experiencing a similar emotion we can recall a smell and smell something that is not actually present. I know there have been times when I have been thinking of events from the past or recalling memories and suddenly I am smelling something that is not there. Smells help us recall memories and maybe memories can help us recall smells. The smell of freshly cut grass is guaranteed to relax me just as thinking of home makes me smell food and cooking. Perhaps the child didn’t actually smell strawberries, perhaps she just was thinking of something that reminded her of strawberries. So be in touch with what you are smelling, you never know what you might remember.


How Wonderful Life Is

Last evening I had the wonderful pleasure of attending an Elton John concert. I was ecstatic about it. I was sitting there either speechless, giddy and smiling, or crying due to absolute joy. Elton John is an amazing performer and he, along with the Elton John Band, put on an excellent show. I can only hope I have the opportunity to experience his talent once again in live concert.



Ask the Dishes

I love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. It is one of my absolute favourite movies. Be Our Guest is a great scene, lots of fun colourful animation set to an upbeat song. There is one part during the song that I have always been drawn to. “Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious. Don’t believe us, ask the dishes”. What is this grey stuff Lumiere refers to? Is it actually as delicious as the dishes will claim? Well to my utter amazement someone recently gave me a recipe for ‘The Grey Stuff.’ So if you are wondering if it is as delicious as Lumiere and the dishes say now you can try it for yourself.


The Grey Stuff

1 (3.4 ounce) pkg Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix
1 1/2 cups Whole (or 2%) Milk
15 Oreos (regular, not double-stuffed)
1 (8 ounce) tub Whipped Topping
3 tablespoons Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix
Edible Pearl Sprinkles

1. Mix entire contents of vanilla pudding mix and milk in a large bowl with a whisk. Set in fridge to chill 5-10 minutes.

2. Place Oreos in food processor and blend until they are fine crumbs (no large chunks). If you don’t have a food processor, you can place them into a large freezer bag and smash using a rolling pin. This will take a bit of time since you’ll want to get rid of all large pieces.

3. Take the pudding from the fridge and mix in the crushed Oreos. The mixture will be dark gray/black. Now, fold in the tub of whipped topping. It now is a lighter colour but not quite gray. Finally, mix in the chocolate pudding mix and stir well. You should now have “the grey stuff”! Place back in the fridge to chill for at least one hour before serving.

4. To serve, spoon into a cake decorating bag fitted with a star tip (Wilton 1 M) and swirl a dollop onto a dish. Top with a few edible pearl sprinkles. Voila! You’re done!

Come and Play

Dealing with 15 children everyday can often be a handful. There are times I want to pull my hair out. However I have found the solution to classroom chaos. PLAY DOUGH!
This recipe produces soft play dough that will last in a sealed container for over a week. If you have little ones that put everything in their mouth, don’t worry it is edible. Of course if you don’t have any kids then just make it for yourself. I love play dough it is a great way to relieve some stress and just relax. So make a batch, grab a handful and squish away.


Play Dough
2 cups flour
2 tbsp oil
1/2 cup salt
2 tbsp cream of tartar
1.5 cups boiling water
Food colouring, glitter, other added sensory items (optional)

Mix together all liquid items, this is the best time to add food colouring if you are going to as it will mix in well. Add remaining ingredients and mix together. If the play dough remains sticky you may need to add more flour. I also, on occasion, like to add glitter, sand or other items that will add an extra sensory experience.


Pass the Snow Please

It snowed all day today, thick heavy snow. It was beautiful. I was stuck inside all day but all I could think about was going out and building a snow fort. When my younger brother and I were little we would always be outside building snow forts. Sometimes we would build one together but we didn’t always get along. So we would sometimes build our own forts and would have some time to prepare our snowballs. Then the snowball fight would begin. I remember one day we were making snowballs until dark…our entire deck was covered. I don’t remember much of the snowball fight though. So if you have kids take them out and help them build a snow castle. If you don’t have kids who cares, go out and build one yourself. You are never to old to play in the snow.