Waiting For The Golden Years

What does age mean? As part of a Weekly Challenge I have decided to write about what age means to me. Age is something I have been thinking of recently as I have just passed my 26th birthday. On the day of my birthday I was fine, happy, excited. A few weeks ago was a different story. I had a melt down when I realized I would be closer to thirty than I would be to twenty. What about my golden years, I felt as though I was running out of time. Many things have expiration dates, they go bad as they age. Others get better with age. Which category did I fall into? Were the best years of my life over or yet to come? I think throughout our lives we change just as much as the years do. When we our young we are learning and growing and exploring. As children and throughout our teen years we are trying to figure out what we want to do and who we are. This basically continues until we figure out who we are and what we want out of life. But is there a time limit on this? Of course not. We are all different. We grow, change, learn and discover at our own pace. I know what I want out of life. The best years of my life are not over, they are yet to come. I’m am waiting for my golden years. They are not here yet but they are coming soon. Once they do I will cherish every minute of them and once they are over, well life will continue as I reach old age. I will remember my golden years, possibly relive them in some way. Our golden years can happen at anytime during our life. Life isn’t about how old we are, I believe age is just a number. Life is about what you do during those years. Fulfilling your dreams and enjoying your golden years. Make your years count. Getting old is not a bad thing. It means you have had more experiences, more smile and tears, more laughter and heartache. Yes I am 26, but I am only 26. For a moment I thought I was old and I am old, especially to someone younger than me. But I am also still young. Age is all about perspective. It is what we believe it to be at the time and can change as we do. Our age has nothing to do with the number of years we have been alive. Our age is about our experiences, our beliefs, our outlook on life, our goals, our dreams, our memories. I have been alive for 26 years. Somedays my age is 8, some days my age is 60. Today I was both. What is your age?


4 thoughts on “Waiting For The Golden Years

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  3. You are only as old as you feel. I always say I feel the same as when I was 17 and in many ways it is the truth. As I approach 70, in my heart and soul I may have matured but I am still the old / young me! We still love, we still hurt, we still care.


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