Monday Mention

The second post for the Monday Mention. Mondays will be dedicated to posting words from others, this can include quotes, poems, or excerpts.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”
~ George Orwell

Do you think society has drifted from the truth?


From Marshmallows to Sunbutter

I would always get so excited when I got to have Rice Krispie squares as a child. They were so crunchy and delicious, of course they were also loaded with processed sugar… one of my greatest weaknesses. Now as an adult I am more health conscious. Rice Krispie squares are not the best choice but after some tinkering in the kitchen I created Crispie Crunches! They are crunchy, delicious and made from natural sugars.


Crispie Crunches**

* 2 cups crispy cereal
* 2 cups quick oats
* 1/2 cup coconut
* 1/2 cup cacao nibs
* 3/4 cup dried cranberries
* 3/4 cup goji berries
* 3/4 cup honey
* 3/4 cup maple syrup
* 1/2 cup Sunbutter

1. In a bowl mix together cereal, oats, coconut, cacao nibs, cranberries and goji berries.

2. In a saucepan heat honey and syrup until melted. Remove from heat. Add Sunbutter and stir until mixed.

3. Add honey mixture to dry mix and stir thoroughly. Press into 9×13 greased pan. Let cool then cut. Store in refrigerator.

**peanut free
**tree nut free
**soy free
**gluten free
**dairy free

To Be a Great Artist

Today is the first day of Monday Mention!
Monday’s will hence forth be dedicated to quotes, poems, excerpts, or any other form of words that I like, am inspired by, or just need to share with the world.

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are, if he did he would cease to be an artist.”

-Oscar Wilde

The Powers That Be

It was an eventful night last night. As I was driving home it appeared the power was out in the area. Two street lights were out and the houses didn’t seem to have any lights on. I was not surprised when I got home and was informed the power was out. Well that puts a curve into my night. How am I going to cook dinner? Do I have any food that doesn’t need to be cooked? Turns out barbecues come in real handy when there is no power. Threw left overs on the BBQ to warm up and ate a nice candlelit dinner.

Of course by the time dinner was over it was getting dark, the search for flashlights began. No computer, no tv, too dark to read, how was I to spend my evening? Games! Always the best solution, you can still see well enough especially if you have a few candles glowing. I love when the power goes out. It usually ends up being a few hours of relaxing time playing some games with my lobster.

My lobster and I soon realized that the power would be out longer than a few hours. The storm we had appeared to have caused a bit more damage than expected.


First hydro came to check out the situation. They called the tree trimmers to cut down the branch hanging inches above the power line. By the time the tree was out of the way the power had been out for 8 hours. Good thing we decided to play monopoly, I can’t remember the last time I actually finished the game.

Bring On The Chips

I find potato chips to be gloriously delicious. The way they crunch and taste in your mouth, especially when your eating your favourite flavour. However, I am fully aware of how unhealthy potato chips can be for you. So I went in search of a solution and I discovered it in kale. Kale chips are incredibly easy to make and taste delicious and, can you believe it, they are actually healthy for you!

Kale Chips

* fresh kale bunch
* olive oil
* seasoning**

1. Chop the kale into smaller pieces removing the stems from the bottom. If you prefer you can also remove the stems from the leaf as well.

2. In a bowl add the kale and sprinkle with olive oil. Add your choice of seasoning and mix together. Once kale is coated place onto a tray covered in parchment paper.

3. Bake kale @ 350 for a minimum of 7 minutes. If your prefer them crunchier keep them in a few extra minutes while watching with a close eye. They can burn quickly.

4. Remove from oven, and enjoy!

**seasoning can vary – some of my favourites are vegetable seasoning or cinnamon. Feel free to experiment and find your favourite flavour.

Want to make a meal out of it, check out my recipe for Almond Chicken in my post Every Peach Has A Nut In The Family


I’ve Got A Secret

Last but not least I introduce Postsecret as one of my top 7 favourite websites.


Postsecret allows you to anonymously mail in your secrets on a post card. Every Sunday a select few of the the postcards sent in are chosen and featured on the postsecret blog. It is a great way to share your secret and let it out. When reading the secrets I have come across many secrets similar to my own. It makes people realize that we are not alone and in fact are very similar in ways.


If you want to send in your own secret, grab a postcard, write it out and mail it to 13345 Copper Ridge Rd Germantown, Maryland 20874.

My Seven Favourite Websites (in no particular order)
1. TeeFury – A Few, Or Seven, of My Favourite Things
2. Gelaskins – Time For A New Face
3. Blurb – Little Book Here, Big Book There, Here a Book, There a Book, Everywhere a Book Book!
4. IMDb – I Know Him From Something
5. TED – Have You Met TED!
6. Etsy – Now For A Little Something Different
7. Postsecret –

Now For A Little Something Different

We are all a little creative in our own ways. Etsy allows us to share our creativity with each other. On Etsy you can buy or sell handmade or vintage items. There is so much to discover on Etsy. I have bought clothing, toys, and art from Etsy. It has so much variety I love it. I can find just the right style for me or the perfect gift for someone.

Check out Etsy for yourself you might find something to buy, or maybe you have a little creativity you want to share.

My Seven Favourite Websites (in no particular order)
1. TeeFury – A Few, Or Seven, of My Favourite Things
2. Gelaskins – Time For A New Face
3. Blurb – Little Book Here, Big Book There, Here a Book, There a Book, Everywhere a Book Book!
4. IMDb – I Know Him From Something
5. TED – Have You Met TED!
6. Etsy –
7. Come back tomorrow for the finale.