It was aMAZEing!


Visit a Corn maze was one of the items on my Fall Fun Activity list that I was looking forward to the most. I had heard of Hanes Corn Maze last year but we did not get the chance to go. I was not going to let that happen this year.


I expected to just be walking through paths in a little corn maze but my expectations were far exceeded. This place was huge, covering over 20 acres, and they had a puzzle game to go with it. They had 17 checkpoints on their map, 6 of which were hidden, that you could find throughout the maze. Each checkpoint had a code and you used the code to solve the riddle at the end to win a prize.




It was tricky at times, my lobster and I got lost on occasion, but we had so much fun. It is definitely becoming a fall tradition.



Fall Fun

I love fall, you might even say it is my favourite season (my lobster would agree). The colours, the weather, Halloween! There is always so much to do. Last year I missed a lot of my favourite fall activities, they got pushed to the bottom of a busy schedule. Not this year. This year my Lobster and I will be enjoying fall to the fullest and to keep us on track I have created a fall fun activity list. The list consists of 21 activities which we plan to complete by October 31st. Some activities are our yearly favourites and some are new adventures.


To start our fall adventure we have completed our first item on the list, #9, have a picnic in the park. My lobster and I packed up our picnic basket and headed out to the park. It was a beautiful fall day to start our adventures and our picnic was yummy!




Rain or Shine 

My life took some unexpected turns a few months ago. Things were not going well and something needed to change. After considering all my options I made a decision. I removed myself from a familiar, negative situation and decided to enter a new (therefore scary as I don’t like change) more positive situation. I also had the aid of an extensive reading list to turn the little rain cloud over my head into sunny skies. 


I had fallen into a funk and I was the only one who could get myself out. With the combination of my reading list and my new situation I shoved the negativity out of my life. It was an incredible change. So many positive things are happening now that my mind is in a better place. It isn’t easy, and my first instinct when something goes wrong is still to believe the world is coming to an end, but I’m working on it. The past few months have been amazing. I am enjoying my day to day life while also being excited about my upcoming future. I couldn’t be happier as to where my life has taken me. 

I have also leaned to appreciate the negative situation I ended up in, while things did not work out for me, I still made new friendships that have continued after I left. Everything happens for a reason. While at first I felt weak leaving the negative situation I was in as if I was running away, I now realize that I was strong enough to make a change in my life. I took a risk and found something better. I think I might have to come out of my little introverted safety bubble a little more often to see what else to world has to offer. ~n

Closing My Eyes To See

Well 21 days have come and gone and phase one is over. I have exercised regularly only taking a day off  once or twice a week so as not to over do it. I am feeling great and motivated for phase two. 

I used to mediate. I actually took a meditation class once and loved it. I was very relaxing and helped with my anxiety. I can’t even remember the last time I meditated, not good. 
I have a book called Everyday Meditation: 100 Meditations for Health, Stress Relief, and Everyday Joy by Tobin Blake. I really enjoyed the book, it helped you get started and taught you techniques. Plus it does a little variation each day which I found helped build my interest. 
So phase two of my mental spring cleaning is to meditate everyday. I have the book to help me stay focused on my goal and I also plan on keeping a meditation journal to keep track of my progress and to document my sessions. 
Here is to the the first 21 days of a life long habit. 

A Final Review

Another year has come and gone. December 2013 I started reading a book called the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I found the book to be very inspirational and motivating. In January 2014 I decided to start my own happiness project. It has changed my life in so many ways. I set goals each month. Some I achieved, some I did not, but I tried. I put a lot of time and effort into self-improvement and my overall happiness this past year. Guess what? It has made a huge difference. I started my own blog and have been writing for a year. This is something I never thought I would end up doing, and now I love it. There were ups and downs but overall I really like where this project has taken me in my life. Now I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring for me.

Near The End Review

Another two months of my happiness project have come and gone. Things went great and so much has changed in just two months. It only takes a little time to get things going if you work at it and it is something you want. One of my harder goals during September and October was to work on my confidence and self esteem. I did this by complimenting myself everyday. It was hard since I didn’t want to say the same thing everyday and had to think of different things to compliment myself about. Other days were hard since I genuinely felt I had nothing to compliment myself on. As days passed and the compliments were said out loud I started to believe them and they made me feel better. So far it was the hardest goal of my happiness project but definitely the most worthwhile and rewarding.

The next and final two month of my happiness project will be dedicated to having fun and being more social. As an introvert, ‘fun’ and ‘social’ don’t often occur in the same sentence. This is going to change. I am going to do one fun thing a day, it doesn’t need to be anything big as long it is made me smile and it was fun. I am going to be social at least once a day. This does not include being social while at work, it’s kind of part of the job. I also plan to make fun and social happen at the same time at least once a week. These are my new big goals and I also plan on working on a few small things that I still want to improve from previous months.

I set my goals.

I have a plan.


Happiness In Review 4.0

The year has gone by so fast and my happiness project has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. It inspired me to start a blog and here I am eight months later still writing. While it hasn’t brought about all the changes I was expecting my happiness project has changed areas of my life I didn’t even know I wanted to change. Making the decision to make changes in my life to become happier was a big goal for me. While there have been some setbacks, such as August when I was too busy with work to focus on my happiness project, I have realized I need to make time since time isn’t going to make room for me. If I don’t make the time to do it then I won’t have the time to do it. Finding the time is part of setting and accomplishing goals. So after having a less than satisfactory month in August I have decided for September and October that I will work on this area. My focus will be time management. Setting little goals throughout the day or week and making time for each in order to complete them. I am also going to be refocusing on the goals I set for August and continue working on them for September and October. I have to remember that I will not have time for everything but will need to set priorities and choose which goals I need or want to meet first. I don’t have time for everything I want to do and accomplish but managing my time will help choose which to work on first. It may take time but little baby steps are better than sitting around doing nothing and expecting things to change. I can find the time to meet my goals and I will accomplish them.