Adventurous Autumn

Yesterday was the last day of my fall fun activity list. My lobster and I had our horror movie marathon and that was the last item we were able to complete. We didn’t finish ‘have game night’, ‘roast pumpkin seeds’ or ‘go on a nature hike’. Eighteen items out of twenty-one is not bad, we can just save the last three for next year. We enjoyed the activities on the list, there were lots of new adventures, and I think we may have added a few more fall traditions to our list. My favourite activities were the haunted house and the corn maze. It was a great way to get up and out of the house since both of us tend to be homebodies. Can’t wait until next fall.



A Summer Adventure Begins 

A long weekend and an adventure was the perfect way to kick off the coming summer months. It was such a beautiful day my Lobster and I decided to go Geocaching. 

For those of you not familiar with geocaching it is a global treasure hunt. People hide containers called a geocache and then provide GPS coordinates and a little clue on where to find it. You then get your GPS, input the coordinates and go seeking the geocache. They usually contain a log book where you can leave your name and the date you found it.  You then return it to the spot you found it for the next person to find.   

 Geocaches are hidden all over the world.  I love going hunting for geocaches. Even as a child I always loved going out into the backyard and digging for treasure. Now as an adult I can continue to enjoy my love of treasure hunting. It is so exciting to go out into nature looking for something someone else has hidden. Check out Geocaching and go on your own treasure hunting adventure. 


Sew Sensational

Today I made a big step in my creative endeavours and bought my very first sewing machine. It was so exciting. I cannot wait to start my first project. There are so many things that I can make on my own now that I have a sewing machine. Clothes, purses, blankets, and so much more. I’ve done things here and there with material but I wanted to expand my options. It is something I enjoy doing and now I feel as though I have started on a whole new adventure.

Not sure where this adventure will take me but I am looking forward to every minute of it.