All Grown Up

I love traditions. I think they are a great way for a family to stay close. I look forward to each and everyone of our family traditions, some of my favourite ones occur during Christmas. One such tradition is making shortbread cookies. Oh they are delicious. Of course I always thought the dough tasted so much better than the baked cookies.

Well keeping the tradition alive I decided to bake a batch of shortbread for the Christmas season. Of course now that I am all grown up I thought I would experiment and make grown up shortbread cookies. I am glad I decided to venture into the kitchen as my cookies turned out great. My secret grown up ingredient…Baileys Irish Cream!

Baileys Shortbread Cookies

*1/2 cup cornstarch
*1/2 cup icing sugar
*1 cup flour
*3/4 cup butter (softened)
*1/8 cup Baileys Irish Cream

Blend all ingredients together with hands. Roll out into logs and roll in wax paper.

Cool for about a 1/2 hour in fridge. Don’t cool for to long as it will crack when cutting.

Slice and bake on an ungreased cookie sheet @300*C for 20 to 30 minutes.

Cookies freeze well.