Out With The Old In With The New

Spring is in the air. I am cleaning out the dust in the house and the cobwebs in my head. There are times when I start to many big projects at once and cannot keep up with them to get anything finished. I have prioritized my goals and am now starting phase one. 

First I am going to start blogging again since it somehow got away from me and I have really been missing it. I am also going to start exercising regularly. I have packed on the pounds during the winter blues ands it’s time to shape up. I attempted to go for a nice long walk the other day but my plans were foiled when my ancient running shoes started hurting my feet. 

 I made it around the block and had to come back. So I went on a little shopping trip….

… now with my fancy new running shoes I am all set. 

I learnt once that if you do something 21 times it becomes a habit. Day one is done, I now have 20 more days of walking to go before I move on to phase 2. 


Even the Birds

As I was enjoying a walk after work today I noticed a few things. I observed three birds while out and all of them were walking. The first thought I had was why are you walking when you can fly, silly bird. But even birds need to go for a stroll now and then. It doesn’t take long and there are so many benefits to walking. Walking will improve your health and can help clear your mind, I get some of my best ideas while walking. I know it is hard to find time but you need to make time. Time will not wait for you to be ready and then present a big flashing sign that says ‘go walking now’, sorry but things don’t work like that. Bring a friend to keep each other motivated each day. Never skip walking two days in a row, it’s harder to keep going. Keep a record or schedule to help get you started and stay walking. We all need to get out for a walk now and again. Remember, a little walk goes a long way.

Happiness in Review

It has been two months since I made the decision to start my own happiness project. What has it gotten me? Well a little bit of happiness. During the first two months, January and February, I worked on establishing routine in becoming healthier and more organized (a better way of saying keeping my house clean). Now I am doing things out of habit instead of saying “oh I have to do that tonight, it’s for my happiness.” I have reached my goals and am proud of it, and happier too. It has become time to start a new month with new goals. I am going to continue with my theme of becoming healthier and more organized. I want to exercise regularly because apparently that will make me happy even though most days I am of the mind that being lazy is utter bliss. I would also like to become better at managing my time, which basically means I need to stop procrastinating every chance I get. Well hopefully I end next month a little bit happier and to everyone else working on bringing their lives a little more happiness a little effort goes a long way, no task is to small of an accomplishment.