Closing My Eyes To See

Well 21 days have come and gone and phase one is over. I have exercised regularly only taking a day off  once or twice a week so as not to over do it. I am feeling great and motivated for phase two. 

I used to mediate. I actually took a meditation class once and loved it. I was very relaxing and helped with my anxiety. I can’t even remember the last time I meditated, not good. 
I have a book called Everyday Meditation: 100 Meditations for Health, Stress Relief, and Everyday Joy by Tobin Blake. I really enjoyed the book, it helped you get started and taught you techniques. Plus it does a little variation each day which I found helped build my interest. 
So phase two of my mental spring cleaning is to meditate everyday. I have the book to help me stay focused on my goal and I also plan on keeping a meditation journal to keep track of my progress and to document my sessions. 
Here is to the the first 21 days of a life long habit. 

Out With The Old In With The New

Spring is in the air. I am cleaning out the dust in the house and the cobwebs in my head. There are times when I start to many big projects at once and cannot keep up with them to get anything finished. I have prioritized my goals and am now starting phase one. 

First I am going to start blogging again since it somehow got away from me and I have really been missing it. I am also going to start exercising regularly. I have packed on the pounds during the winter blues ands it’s time to shape up. I attempted to go for a nice long walk the other day but my plans were foiled when my ancient running shoes started hurting my feet. 

 I made it around the block and had to come back. So I went on a little shopping trip….

… now with my fancy new running shoes I am all set. 

I learnt once that if you do something 21 times it becomes a habit. Day one is done, I now have 20 more days of walking to go before I move on to phase 2.