A List for Life

Watch the sunrise at least once a year, put a lot of marshmallows in your hot chocolate, lie on your back and look at the stars, never buy a coffee table you can’t put your feet on, never pass up a chance to jump on a trampoline, don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones.

~H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Sometimes life will get so busy I forget about things that are important, like having fun. Having fun and taking some time for yourself is so important to being carefree and happy. If your not doing anything fun once in a while of course your going to get stressed out. So as part of my happiness project to ensure I continue having fun and don’t forget again, during the month of August I will do one thing fun everyday. I can be anything as long as I enjoy doing it and I find it fun…like reading. Yes I find reading fun even though I am sure there are people that see it more as work. While your doing things try to smile, it will encourage you to be happy and when your happy you are more likely to have some fun. Of course if you are doing something that makes you laugh it is a sure way of knowing you are having fun. So give it a shot, go out and do something for yourself, do something fun. Make it a regular occurrence in your schedule to add a little sunshine to your life.

Halfway Review

I started my happiness project this year in January. The end of June marks the halfway point of making my life an overall happier experience. So far so good. These past two months I have worked on cleansing. My body through healthy eating as well as cleansing my environment. I either threw out or used something everyday for the month of June. 30 things! Somedays it was hard but others days I found tons of things to throw out. It was so freeing to get rid of all that “junk” or as my mother likes to call them “dust collectors”. Getting rid of things I had no use for truly helped to cleanse my living environment. My house was cleaner, less cluttered, and seemed fresh. This goal made such an impact I have decided to continue doing it again for July. 31 more things need to go, it can be something small, something little, or something like finally using that half empty bottle of shampoo at has been under the bathroom sink for almost a year. I am going to continuing working on as well as start working on a few goals regarding spirituality. I will continue my meditation and journal writing and will also be expanding and exploring some other goals. My happiness project has made such a huge difference on my life so far, it is the reason I began a blog. I am looking forward to what the remaining half of this year will bring.

Happiness in Review

It has been two months since I made the decision to start my own happiness project. What has it gotten me? Well a little bit of happiness. During the first two months, January and February, I worked on establishing routine in becoming healthier and more organized (a better way of saying keeping my house clean). Now I am doing things out of habit instead of saying “oh I have to do that tonight, it’s for my happiness.” I have reached my goals and am proud of it, and happier too. It has become time to start a new month with new goals. I am going to continue with my theme of becoming healthier and more organized. I want to exercise regularly because apparently that will make me happy even though most days I am of the mind that being lazy is utter bliss. I would also like to become better at managing my time, which basically means I need to stop procrastinating every chance I get. Well hopefully I end next month a little bit happier and to everyone else working on bringing their lives a little more happiness a little effort goes a long way, no task is to small of an accomplishment.