Keeping Warm

It was a busy weekend trying to finish more items on the Fall Fun Activity List.


It was a beautiful warm day out so we finally got the chance to read outside and enjoy the fresh air. Since I also made Rice Krispie treats we had a delicious snack to go with our outside time.


Another item off the list, I finished the DIY Fleece Blanket. I love making these knotted fleece blankets. It has been a few years since I have made one so I was excited to put it on my fall fun list. If you have never made one they are a great gift that are easy and quick to make.

DIY Fleece Blanket

Materials Needed:

  • scissors
  • two pieces of fleece material, I usually choose one pattern and one complimentary solid colour, the dimensions vary depending on the size of blanket you want just make sure both pieces are the same (wash material first before making blanket)

First layout both pieces of material flat, one on top of the other, and cut material ends so all edges are even. Then cut out a square in each corner of the blanket, I usually use the length of my scissor blades to measure. Be sure you are cutting both pieces of material.


Next cut strips along each edge the same length of the corner cut out and about 1/2 to 1 inch in width.



Then take the top and bottom piece of each strip and tie them together in a double knot. I like to tie the corner pieces first just to hold everything in place.



Continue to tie all strips together along the edges, be sure they are matched up properly so you are not skipping over a single strip.


Once all the strips are tied you are finished!



The End

Over the weekend I had a very tragic encounter. I am sure there are those of you who will see this as something trivial and ridiculous. There is also the rest of you who will understand my loss, the loss only a book lover could understand.

It all began several months ago when my Kobo eReader wasn’t bookmarking my pages properly. Then it began to restart itself whenever I tried to turn it off. This all became very frustrating and I stopped using it as much turning to my first love, books.

I love reading. I read everyday. The most important decision I make when going on a trip is what book I am going to bring. My lobster will not allow me to go to chapters, my favourite book store, unsupervised for fear of the amount of books I will bring home. My Kobo changed all of this. I could bring a hundred books anywhere….and my Lobster would never know how many I buy on a weekend visit to the online store.

I could not stay away from my Kobo forever. This weekend I grabbed it prepared to read for hours only to be disappointed. Once my Kobo had turned on it went straight to my library and down at the bottom was the scariest thing I had ever read. “No books found.”

Things got even worse when I realized not only was my library missing but also the 100 free books my Kobo came preinstalled with were missing. Now things were getting out of hand. After calming down I realized I could just plug my Kobo into my computer and redownload my library. I held onto my hopes and dreams as I plugged everything in and hit sync. Of course a box popped up -“Please connect the USB cable”. I DID THAT ALREADY!

Okay, okay, new plan. The USB connection no longer works but my Kobo has wifi. So I connect to the Internet through my Kobo, and head over to my account to download my library. It won’t let me. It doesn’t connect. This isn’t going to work. Tears start forming in my eyes. Is my kobo actually gone? Dead? No longer working? It cannot be. My heart breaks.

I have had my Kobo for over five years so I suppose it was inevitable for it to bite the dust one day. Technology doesn’t last forever after all.

‘The time has come’ my Lobster said, ‘To talk of many things:’
Of all the book that are on our shelves –
Of the library down the street-
There are so many books that you can choose from-
Just think of the characters you will meet.

So he may have a point but it’s not the same. He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t read like I do. Out of the two of us, however, he is probably the more practical. I suppose I should listen to reason and appreciate the books I still have. Besides Christmas isn’t far away!