A Day Off

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
— Ferris Bueller


Time Passes By

Yesterday was one of those days I realized my to-do list is huge and I have no time to do anything. Why is it that everything happens at once? Things in life don’t come one at a time in a nice single line, no that would make things far too easy. Instead it all happens at once. So now I have to decide what I want done sooner rather than later and manage my tasks accordingly. Oh time management, while I am able to handle you with poise and grace I would much rather kick you out to the curb. Procrastinating is so much more fun but in the end causes more stress due to rush jobs and messy work. I suppose that I shall choose the more practical way of completing my tasks by managing my time and getting things done. So why is life so busy at the moment? Well it’s August, which means September is just around the corner and school starts in September. As a teacher that means I am preparing for a new class of students. Since the Montessori school I work at has decided to expand its available classrooms that means I am also getting a new classroom. Which means I also have to purchase materials and set up my classroom. While at times all the things I must complete before my deadline can be overwhelming, I absolutely love what I am doing. Setting up my own classroom for a toddler Montessori environment and spending time with the little munchkins that I get to introduce to the wonderful world of learning. I guess all hard work pays off in the end. Time will come and go, it doesn’t stop because we need a little extra. Use your time wisely as you will never get it back and always make sure you leave some time for fun.


Peace and Quiet

On any given day I am a fairly quiet person, not likely to say much. Unless I am excited about something in which case I will talk fast and say a lot. The last few days, however, I have lost my voice so it has been extra quiet around. I have had to use sign language, some real and some made up. I have also used extra large gestures and facial expressions to get my thoughts across. It has felt in part like I have been in a silent movie. All this extra quiet time has provided time for thinking. I have realized that because my voice has slowed down and taking time to relax, the rest of me is as well. I have been taking things slow and enjoying everything going on in silence. While I realize giving up talking for a day or two can be a big commitment, try it instead for an hour or two. Spend some time in silence and it may speak to you loudly.


Better Than Napping

I love naps. They are amazing. My apologies to my mother if I ever refused a nap as a child. Now as a grown up I have become very aware of how precious those naps were. I have also learnt of something that is even better than a nap. It’s crazy I know, how can anything be better than a nap. Well I will let you in on the secret….. It’s called meditation. Yep that’s it, meditation. It can take as little or as much time as you want, and it is much more beneficial to your health. Here are a few extra tips to get you started.


Busy Bee

My Lobster was away today learning which gave me the whole day to myself. It was glorious. I love spending time with my lobster but at the same time I love time to myself. I need it. For some reason I also become extremely productive when I am on my own. I ran errands, cleaned the house, made dinner, got creative. Lucky for me my lobster will be off learning again tomorrow which gives me another day of alone time. I am sure it will once again be a most productive day.